Former Glens Falls assessor wins lawsuit against city

Former Glens Falls assessor wins lawsuit against city


QUEENSBURY — The former Glens Falls city assessor who lost her job several years ago after a pair of impaired driving arrests has won her lawsuit against the city over her termination.


Lauren Stack will not get her job back, but state Supreme Court Justice Robert Muller scheduled a March 31 “damages” hearing to determine what compensation she should receive for a firing he deemed “arbitrary and capricious.”


Muller found that the disciplinary process of having city Clerk Bob Curtis serve as a hearing officer deprived Stack of an “independent, unbiased adjudicator.” He also found that the city could not have taken into account a 1990s criminal conviction in its decision to fire Stack.


Her lawyer, Sarah Burger, said Stack is entitled to back pay and interest as well as compensation for other factors, such as pension contributions and paid time off. She said initial calculations are “in the six figures.”


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